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Welcome to MLA 2020!

What will you discover at MLA 2020? What’s the first thing you’ll do when you touch down in Seattle? Will you grab a coffee from your favorite café? Text your friends attending MLA 2020 to meet up? Go to a workshop on the first day and stay in the carefully curated schedule you created in… Read more »

American Writers Museum: An Evening Conversation

What goes into creating a museum about writers? How do you design an exhibit space and the individual exhibits? Who decides which writers are represented? How do you keep the content relevant, interesting, informative, and fun? If your audience includes everyone from professional writers and academics to elementary school children, how do you create a… Read more »

Bringing Jazz Back to the MLA

The MLA is returning to its roots! Over the years, Lead Belly, Bytown Troubadours, John Lomax, smokers, and others have provided musical enjoyment for MLA convention attendees. On Thursday, 3 January 2019, the internationally renowned jazz performer and educator Bob Lark will treat MLA convention goers to a thrilling evening of live music and entertainment… Read more »

MLA Exhibit Hall – Penn Press Spotlight

Check out the newest publications from one of the oldest university presses in the United States, University of Pennsylvania Press (Penn Press), in booth 121 in the exhibit hall (Rhinelander Gallery, second floor) at the 2018 MLA convention. What makes them so special? Read on. Support for Humanities Academics Penn Press is an integral part of the… Read more »

Welcome to the 2018 MLA Annual Convention

MLA Convention in NYC

  Welcome to NYC! The city is home not only to MLA HQ and most of my colleagues but to over a thousand MLA members. Native New Yorkers and new arrivals from every state and most countries in the world can be found here (all 8.5 million of us). As Whitman said, I am large,… Read more »