American Writers Museum: An Evening Conversation

What goes into creating a museum about writers? How do you design an exhibit space and the individual exhibits? Who decides which writers are represented? How do you keep the content relevant, interesting, informative, and fun? If your audience includes everyone from professional writers and academics to elementary school children, how do you create a space that is inviting and engaging for both groups? What craziness ensued in the making of such a museum?


Come to the American Writers Museum: An Evening Conversation on Friday, 4 January, 4:00–5:00 p.m., 180 North Michigan Avenue. This special event was created just for the 2019 MLA convention, so please join us and learn from the experts who helped create the American Writers Museum.

Carey Cranston, AWM president, will be joined by AWM Content Leadership team members Donna Seaman (Booklist) and Max Rudin (Library of America) and designer and curator Andy Anway (Amaze Design) for an entertaining and informative conversation about the history and making of the museum. Discover how the museum came to be, which creative writers and literary luminaries contributed to the project, what went into creating the exhibits, and much more. Engage in discussion about the various exhibits, the curating process, and the future of the museum. Light snacks and beverages will be provided.

Space is limited and registration is required. This event immediately follows the AWM cultural excursion. If you have already registered for the excursion and wish to stay for the conversation, write to

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