Welcome Universitas Press at MLA 2018

Stop by booth 321 in the MLA exhibit hall (Americas I, third floor) and say hello to Universitas Press, one of our newest exhibitors and probably the youngest press in the exhibit hall. Why should you get to know them? I’ll let them explain.

Tell us about the press.

We are a press born from our experience as lecturers and as parents. The changes we bring to book publishing stem from real time spent in the classroom and from what we have seen our children experience as students. Every title we publish goes through a series of stages at which it can be vetoed and has to answer favorably to strict criteria: Does it bring new understanding to how we view the world? Is it a valuable contribution to the field? Does it encourage learning? Is it accessible? Is it affordable? Is it beautiful? Our books stand out because we love them and everybody who uses them loves them.

What can we expect at your MLA booth?

We are featuring several titles that are setting new standards in book publishing and in the publishing of classroom material in particular. Our books are designed with both the instructor and the student in mind, from selection of material to book structure and price. For example, our anthology of Victorian poetry, My Own Land’s Sins, features the highest number of poets ever anthologized, of female poets ever anthologized, and of poems of the richest thematic variety. The poems are listed in chronological order, which gives readers a better understanding of the evolution of Victorian poetry.

Everyone buying a book from us will get a free book. We will also tweet our specials one hour in advance so that our followers can come by booth 321 and get the books they want at the lowest possible price. For those interested in teaching one of our books, we have exquisite mini bookmarks that we will offer generously for their students.

How can attendees connect with you?

Our editor in chief, Cristina Artenie, will be at the convention. She will be happy to talk to anyone coming by our booth. Since it is a huge exhibit, though, please send either a Facebook message or an e-mail (editorchief@unversitaspress.com) in advance to set aside some time for a private talk.

For more information about who we are and what we do, please check our Web site at www.universitaspress.com and follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/universitaspress/ and on Twitter at @UniversitasP.

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